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You live in the Matrix

Oh, to be awake. To see the world, free of anything but your own lens. To truly see and understand how the world works. Beyond the Matrix of society, government, culture, history, tradition, religion, morality, rules, laws. Who would you be and what would you believe if you took away the subconscious biases that have developed based off these facets that have peppered your life and formed your opinions about how the world works?

What if you were awake? Free of the Matrix. What if you truly saw? What if all these things didn’t hold any power over you anymore. What if you saw them for what they were, as hinderances to your self. The self you were meant to be. The self that came into this universe full of possibility, dreams, thoughts, desires, interests. What if you allowed yourself to live free. Allowed yourself to wake up from the Matrix.

Were you to wake, you would find, that the rules seem, well, gone. The freeing nature of understanding you are not confined or defined by anything is perhaps the most peaceful state of existence you may ever feel in this lifetime. To be awake is to be alive. To be alive is to live. Every day becomes a 10/10 day. Every thought becomes euphoric and inquisitive. You start to question the world in a positive way. Stresses that once held you in their clutches are now approachable. Anxieties you felt become teachable moments.

When you’re awake, you see and understand yourself in comparison to others. You begin to understand why you do what you do, and how to grow into what you want to become. You start to notice others, and understand that they are not awake. You see them confined and defined by the Matrix of things you can now see you are free from. The most obvious thing about these people, is that they all think they are in the right. The societal norms they’ve achieved, the traditions they have followed, the religions they have worshiped: their unawake brains are happy to be defined by them. Where as you, now understand these things for what they are, and can not act in your life accordingly, choosing to participate, or choosing to disregard, as you see fit for the betterment of your own time on this earth, and not for the betterment of any Matrix like idea.

Wake up. Whose rules? Whose society? Whose world? Is it yours? Or is it theirs? Do you live according to your own plan? Or do you live in the Matrix that has been created for you?

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