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The Virgo Narrative

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

September 2022

They tried to bury us,

they did not know we were seeds.

By Christianopoulos

You cannot withstand the storm, they whispered to her.

I am the storm, she whispered back.

By Unknown

I don't understand love, but I am always full of it.

By Unknown

I tried once to be delicate and dainty, well mannered and polite.

But we Virgos, we're about as subtle as an exploding star.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves, and our minds on our lips.

We love fiercely and unquestionably.

We organized chaos you can't even begin to imagine exists

into easily digestible boxes tied with bows and wrapped and ribbons.

You won't see us coming until it's too late,

and to lose us, is to lose us forever.

By Cera Sylar

What happens when all the words I used to read have been drained of all their comfort?

When the pictures I used to watch no longer bring me home?

When repeated mantras lose their effectiveness?

I think i've reached the point in adulthood where I understand that this is it. There is np happy ending, no fairy tale, no final point of achievement or understanding.

By Cera Sylar

LETTING GO of old habits, fake truths, negative energies, false traditions, overthinking, religion, the patriarchy.

GAINING clarity, boundaries, new thoughts + hobbies, confidence in my own opinions, a new understanding of the earth

By Cera Sylar

I have more audacity in my pinky than most in their entire being

I love quickly, loyally, fiercely and hopelessly

I feel all my emotions with violent intensity

I run until my lungs feel scorched by fire

I know not the world of mediocrity

I've known not comfort or stability, piece nor companionship

I am rich but heartbroken

Full but longing

Well but lost

By Cera Sylar

I want to be set alight with raging sunsets and crushed moons. This life they gave me is too outlined, too perfect. It's a lie. All of it, and I don't want it. It fucking bores me. I want the volatile story, the flower stained fingers, the profound loves, the wild nights. I don't want the spell checked essay. I want the drunken notes stuffed into old books between petals. Because the flowers know how to live better than anyone else does.

By Brooke Solis

When a woman goes through trauma, she will often overdevelop her masculine energy to protect herself. She abandons her inner femininity when she does not feel safe. How open and surrendered a woman feels in a man's presence is a reflection of how much inner work he has done.

By Jake Woodard + Cera Sylar

I want to kickstart and restart my life 1000 times over. I don't want to be reduced by life, I want to be destroyed by it.

By Brooke Solis

People forget you have caramel on your lips and hallucinogenic spices behind your teeth. You do well to hide your devil. You are pulled together in cups of coffee and books- a walking Pandora's box. There are passcodes to your moans and ancient languages that speak to your neck. You're a damn mirage. You may appear on the horizon like pastel dawn, but we all know you're the devil in disguise.

By Brooke Solis

I either give too many fucks or no fucks at all. I cant find a middle ground for moderate fuck distribution.

By Unknown

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