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The Spooky Narrative

October 2022

October will be filled with: pure love, angelic light, sacred healing, positive energy, divine miracles, ancestral guidance, transformation, rejuvenation, soul alchemy.

By Moon Magic Priestess

The words you write,

the things you affirm,

what you manifest,

the energy you put out,

the love you cultivate,

all becomes the house you live in,

it becomes the narrative of your life.

Narrate wisely and abundantly.

By Shams Tabrïz

don't ask me why i hate parts of me so much.

i was taught to.

i'm still in the unteach.

a place with no map.

By Gaialect

When the sex is rough but the conversation isn't.

By Unknown

Those who are truly gentle with themselves know how much strength that takes.

By Unknown

Whatever a woman isn't supposed to be, I'm going to spend my life becoming just that.

By Brooke Solis

Be the energy you want to attract.

By Unknown

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