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The Awakened Narrative

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

November 2022




The Alignment of the Universe

If you are truly 'woke' you shouldn't crucify anyone else for being asleep, cause that was once you. People awake on their own time, cause certain illusions, certain lessons, have to be learned so they can be unlearned. And each person has their own unique set of unlearning to do.

Shams Tabrïz

I love when I think i'm in total control of my emotional responses & the universe sends me an experience that shows me how much further I have to go.


People visit my past more than I do. I don't live there anymore. But clearly, you do.

Cera Sylar

111 - New beginnings & tuning in with your spiritual side

222 - Surrender to the flow & trust the process. New opportunities.

333 - Encouragement. Time to make essential changes.

444 - Release doubts & keep moving forward in faith.

555 - Major life changes are manifesting.

666 - Re-examine your life & get into a better alignment.

777 - Your self awareness has increased You 'll have a breakthru soon.

888 - Abundance is materializing.

999 - Forgiveness. Release control & accept reality for a certain situation. End of a chapter.

1010 - Everything is working out for you. Moving towards higher purpose.

1111 - We are all one. Keep your mind optimistic as what you think you become. Make wishes.

1212 - Luck in love. Obstacles are being removed from your path.


There are so many things yet to be learned

So many experiences yet to be had

An abundance of life yet to be lived

And yet here we sit, muddling over nothing

Worrying about what won't matter in 5 years

Ruminating over loves that weren't meant to be anyway.

Cera Sylar

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The rules are fake

Money isn't real

Normal is boring

We live in the matrix

10/10 days only

Cera Sylar

You are your oldest enemy and your oldest friend.

The longest relationship you’ll ever have in this

world is with yourself. There isn't another soul that

knows you better than you do. And if a series of

events happen to leave you all alone, and lost, know

that you’re in the perfect place to find yourself. To

discover who you really are. Past layers of who

you thought you were, or should be, or who the world

expects you to be. Self discovery is the beginning of

finding your purpose in life.

Suhaib Rumi

Most of the time I despise having a body. I have to exist within it but I don't know how to love its edges. If I could, I would exchange it for something else. The burning gas of stars. Moondust. A breath. I've never wanted to be anything more than a burning ungraspable something studded into the ether. But I know I can't be, not yet.

So next time I break on a dark bruised up night, I won't beg the skies. I won't plead with the moon. Next time I'll lean down towards my knees. Press my lips to them. And I'll whisper. Half apology, half prayer.

I'm sorry I didn't love you like I love the stars. Let me try. I'll try. I promise I'll try

Brooke Solis

Teach me how to love you in a way that feels like love for you.


You gotta learn to delay your reaction

when people are purposely trying to

provoke you. You are not a puppet, your

mood doesn't change based on how

others want you to feel. You control

you. You control if, when an how you

wanna react.

Say It Valencia

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