• Cera Sylar


Updated: Aug 4

I used to think we were like night and day

Chasing one another through the sky

Hellbent on something

Neither one of us could say Like north and south, from the start

Connected by the gravity

That kept us a million miles apart

I'd give you everything I had

And still we'd fall apart

In our passion we'd give up

Just to give it one more start

Turns out we were the same

We weren't so opposite

In this constant game

I know it now, this is it

We both were stubborn

We both were right

We both take off in flight

At the first sign of strife

Through the looking glass

Dramatic and impatient

Like stepping on broken glass

We push each others limitations

So mirror mirror on the wall

Who do I see standing tall

It's you but its me

It's us

As we fall

Not the cliche

That opposites attract

Not one in the same

Not a mirror at all

Your gone

We gave up

Our hearts are locked up

Time to shut up and man up

Cuz this time we fucked up

Now I'm lost and confused

Dazed and used

Post office letter

Sent to the desert

My address is the waste land

Your love has sent me to

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