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For You

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I lie still awake in bed,

as thoughts of you

run through my head.

I can't sleep I can't rest,

I've cleared my head

of all the rest.

Lines and versus I create,

cuz I can't relax

and clear my slate.

I know you've said time and again,

you love the words that I send.

So tonight I thought,

I thought I might,

give you the words

that fill my night.

It's the way I feel,

like I can't sit down

and can't stay still.

I twist and turn

I'm hot then cold,

a roller-coaster

of this you know.

I know it's normal

to have doubt,

to have too much

to think about.

But every time I lose track,

you face me forward

to not look back.

You've no idea

how long I've tried,

to find a man

with brilliant eyes.

Take from my written word

what you will,

just know I gave them

my heart and soul.

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